Sport Physio

Our Physiotherapists are experienced sports people themselves and have been through their own injuries, rehabilitation and surgeries. We know what it’s like going through the physical pain and emotional turmoil of having to take time off sport and/or work. Sports physiotherapy has a strong focus on:

  • Ligament injuries such as ACL tears in the knee, shoulder dislocations
     and sprained ankles
  • Tendinitis (now known as tendinopathy) such as in the Achilles, patella, rotator cuff or tennis elbow
  • Muscle tears such as a torn hamstring or calf muscle
  • Joint specific injuries such as meniscus (cartilage) tears in the knee and impingement syndromes in the hips or shoulders

Years of experience tell us that no two injuries are the same and that the biggest factors in how quickly you recover are the time it takes you to get checked out and the thoroughness of the clinical examination.