Leg Pain Physiotherapy

There are many types of leg injuries and pains, and many different causes. Correct diagnosis is extremely important in determining the correct and most appropriate form of treatment for your leg pain.

Lower limb pain is very common. It often occurs as a result of sporting injuries, work related injuries, or everyday use.

Lower limb pain can be caused by: muscle, tendon, and joint. It can also be referred from your lower back, or referred pain from trigger points.

Lower limb pain responds well to physiotherapy treatment. Please call us at Revive Physio if you are experiencing pain.

Common Causes of Leg Pain

Common causes of lower limb pain that we treat at Revive Physiotherapy clinics include:

  • Achilles Tendon Rupture
  • Achilles Tendonitis / Tendinitis
  • ACL Injury
  • Lower back Bulging Disc
  • Bursitis Knee
  • Calf Muscle Tear
  • Chondromalacia Patella
  • DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
  • Gluteal Tendinopathy
  • Groin Strain
  • Hamstring Strain
  • Heel Spur
  • High Ankle Sprain
  • Hip Arthritis (Osteoarthritis)
  • Hip Labral Tear
  • ITB Syndrome
  • Knee Arthritis
  • Knee Ligament Injuries
  • Knee Replacement
  • Meniscus Tear
  • Morton’s Neuroma
  • Muscle Strain (Muscle Pain)
  • Osgood Schlatter’s
  • Overuse Injuries
  • Patella Tendonitis (Tendinopathy)
  • Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Psoriatic Arthritis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Severs Disease
  • Shin Splints
  • Sinding Larsen Johansson Syndrome
  • Spondylolysis
  • Sprained Ankle
  • Stress Fracture
  • Thigh Strain
  • Trochanteric Bursitis

Contact Revive Physiotherapy

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