Orthotics are carefully designed devices that are inserted into your shoes for a specific purpose – commonly to reduce tissue stress that is causing pain, or to allow the foot to function from a more economical position.

Wearing Orthotics will support and realign your feet, alleviating joint and soft tissue strain, and will allow your feet to provide a stable foundation for the rest of your body.

A Custom Orthotic can be used to treat an injury in response to pain, or used as a tool for prevention – to reduce the risk of a problem developing. This is particularly important in children, where we need to guide and support growing feet as they mature.

Orthotics can provide benefit for almost anyone who spends time on their feet either standing, walking, or running to guide or correct your biomechanics.                            

If you suffer from pain in one of the following areas, you need to use orthotics:

  • Heel pain or arch pain
  • Pain in the side of the buttock while standing, walking or lying on either side in bed (Iliotibial Band syndrome)
  • Pain in the bones of the ball of the foot
  • Shin splints
  • Pain up the shin bone on activity
  • Long term troubles with in-grown toenails
  • Tired and aching feet
  • Sore calf muscles
  • Achilles tendon pain
  • Ankle pain
  • Flat feet and bunions
  • Foot pain when walking or running

Despite some common misconceptions, these devices are not a one size fits all solution nor can they be simply bought off a shelf. Instead, they are ordered to the exact specifications of your foot shape and size