Exercise Prescription

Prevention is key! Physiotherapy exercises have been scientifically proven to be one of the most effective ways that you can solve or prevent pain and injury. 

At Revive Physiotherapy, we often prescribe exercises to supplement our physiotherapy programs that our patients undergo. These exercise programs are carefully tailored to each individual to help strengthen and support the function of the muscles that are causing the injury and also promotes long-term management and prevention against future problems.

physio showing stretches

What Is Included In An Exercise Prescription?

When your physio prescribes an exercise program, you will firstly be shown how to properly do the exercise using correct posture and technique. Your prescription will then include the intensity, duration, and frequency of the exercise and often ways to progress with the activity.

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Are you looking for a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist that can provide you with an individualised exercise prescription? At Revive Physiotherapy, our team utilise a range of techniques that are designed to reduce your pain, improve mobility and your quality of life. 

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