Poor Posture

What is the first thing people notice about you? Your Posture! Besides making you look good, your posture also affects you health. If you or your family are not feeling the best, posture could be the reason behind it.

What is Posture?  Posture is the unconscious position assumed by your body in response to gravity. It is influenced by two main factors:

  • Your genes
  • The way you use your body

While you cannot do much (or anything at all) about the genes you inherited, you have complete control over the second factor. If you use your body properly during regular activities such as standing, sitting and sleeping, you can correct your posture.

The Daily Posture Problems

Our daily lives present a lot of posture problems on kids and adults alike. Whether it is sitting in a classroom, on the lounge watching TV, or at a computer for extended periods of time, almost everyone is in need of a good posture correction program.

Ironically enough, people notice other people’s postures but don’t think about their own and therein lies the problem. At Active Health Physio, we help people realize the importance of a good posture and improve their posture through our posture analysis program.

Why is Posture Correction important?

Improving your posture is the simplest and smartest way to improve all your body’s functions from breathing and digestion to hormone production to even strengthening your immune system.

Revive Physio’s posture correction program provides the invaluable guidance to improve your posture. Analysing your posture is critical as it sets you in the right direction regarding your posture correction endeavours.

Problems caused by Poor Posture

A poor posture, while causing considerable overall damage to your health, can manifest itself through things such as:

  • Back pain
  • Spinal dysfunction
  • Joint degeneration
  • Rounded shoulders
  • Potbelly

So, how do you avoid all the problems of poor posture?

You can avoid a lot of pain and trouble through proper posture correction by making a few lifestyle adjustments. Proper guidance is critical. Our physiotherapists use their knowledge and experience to direct your posture correction process. Posture correction entails a combination of small (yet significant) lifestyle changes and professional physio care.

It will take a while to get used to such changes, but persevere and you will find a good posture to be the natural way you carry yourself, enjoying the multitude of health benefits that posture correction offers.

Get your posture checked at Revive Physio.