Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) Physio

Revive is proud to offer specialised services for individuals covered by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA). We understand the unique needs and challenges faced by veterans and are committed to providing comprehensive exercise solutions to support your health and well-being. 

Facility access is provided (by Revive) for all DVA patients to seek the treatment of our Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists

Services delivered are always individually tailored for each patients’ personal requirements. 

Please note: We are not a preferred supplier of the Department of Veteran Affairs; we are an independent business comprised of accredited ESSA (Exercise and Sports Science Australia) health care professionals.

Under the DVA benefits scheme, eligible clients can access Physiotherapy and/or Exercise Physiology treatment.

DVA Gold Card holders are entitled to clinically necessary treatment covered by DVA’s health care arrangements for all health conditions.

DVA White Card holders are entitled to clinically necessary treatment for an accepted disability (i.e. an injury or disease accepted by DVA as caused by war or service).


Entitled DVA clients may be eligible for bulk billing if they are referred for clinically necessary Exercise Physiology or Physiotherapy treatment by their GP on a valid D904 referral form. 

If you are an eligible DVA card holder, Revive will directly bulk bill the DVA. You will not need to pay a gap payment for your appointments.

For Physiotherapy:

  • A DVA Gold or White Card
  • A current D904 referral for Physiotherapy, made out to ‘Revive Physiotherapy’

For Exercise Physiology: 

  • A DVA Gold or White Card
  • A current D904 referral for Exercise Physiology made out to ‘Revive Exercise Physiology’.
  • A towel and water bottle.

Contact Revive Physiotherapy

DVA card holders can book in at one of our Perth physio clinics for a thorough assessment and personalised treatment plan.

Call (08) 9300 0841 or book online.